Home Business Booming!

It's no wonder workers are leaving their regular jobs in droves and setting up businesses in their homes. Those working for others have an average annual paycheck of $28,500 according to national statistics. At the same time, the 27.1 million in-home businesses are averaging $64,250- nearly twice as much! And 20% of them earn more than $80,000 per year!

95% of those who start a home business succeed in their very first year! An amazing 85% are still in business and doing very well after 3 years! That compares to a miserable 20% of new conventional small businesses still solvent after 3 years.

Why strive for a failure rate of 80% when a home business is almost sure to succeed if you join with a legitimate, reputable, established company and manage it properly? Many home business owners left their regular jobs to avoid mounting stress and lead a better life. They recognized that their health and well-being of their families could be at stake. Almost immediately, their lives were changed for the better.

  1. They were able to spend more quality time with their families and had more time for fun and recreation.

  2. They enjoyed the flexible hours, the freedom to wear what they wished and the lack of putting in "face time" and dealing with office politics.

  3. They experienced more job satisfaction because they were their own boss.

  4. They avoided long, tiresome commutes during peak traffic times.

There is much talk these days about family values. Working at home is a major way to satisfy those basic needs. There are also many other benefits, such as tax benefits, which are also advantageous. Many people start out part time until they build up the skills and income level needed make it a full time business.

Consider these facts:

  • 90% of all Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck.

  • 80% of all people making over $50,000 per year own their own business.

  • Tax laws are designed to provide benefits for business owners, not employees.

  • Over 80% of America's work force beyond the age of 35 realize that their present job will not lead them to financial independence.

  • There is absolutely no job security in working for someone else.

  • People want out of the "rat race". The franchise industry is booming even though most who become franchises have to risk everything they have including their home equity, savings, etc.

  • Network marketing is a $ 200 billion dollar a year industry. It's a global phenomenon.

  • Many Fortune 500 companies now offer products through network marketing because it is considered "the wave of the future".

  • People want to take control of their financial destinies and are searching for the right vehicle to achieve financial independence.

Don't let yourself become a sad statistic. Take control of your financial future today!

Your AMSOIL business is an ideal home based business!

There are dozens of ways to promote your AMSOIL business, which we will help you with once you become a Dealer. Many people these days are looking for a business opportunity, or a way out of an uncomfortable work or financial situation. The AMSOIL business and opportunity has withstood the toughest test of all...the test of time; 30 years, and continues to thrive and grow even in today's uncertain economy.

Look seriously as your own AMSOIL business as a career! Others are making a good living with it, both part time and full time. Nearly 65% of Americans own or say they've dreamed of starting a small business. What better way to own a business than with AMSOIL? They have the warehouses, manufacturing, distribution systems and marketing plan already in place! All you have to do is use them.

Now stop and think for a minute...Let's say you could look ahead in 5 years and realize you could be earning $75,000-100,000 per year in your AMSOIL business. Then you realize you didn't even try! How would you feel? You really can do this, but you have to start first. And, this is no baloney either. If you work the business consistently over a period of years and utilize the latest technology, resources and proven business methods available, you will realize success beyond anything you ever imagined. I did it and you can too, especially with the expert help you will receive getting started and all along the way. Who can you find better able to help you than someone that has already done it, and is still doing it, and is also a highly experienced OEM Truck/Automotive Engineer and Lubrication Specialist?

The synthetic oil market is set to explode in the coming years, just as it is now. With only a current 5-7% market penetration in North America for synthetics, there is nowhere to go but up. Even after 33 years, AMSOIL still offers a ground floor opportunity to get in on the incredible growth ahead.

A successful AMSOIL business requires work, determination and learning how to work smarter....not harder in this new technology era of the information age. Success does not come overnight...but with consistent activity and a goal in sight, you will be amazed how your business grows as the years go by!

Success in an AMSOIL business amounts to an individual possessing the desire, having the opportunity, specific knowledge or capability, values and beliefs about the products and business and consistent activity in order to reach your goals as well as working smarter than the competition. It is not easy and anyone that tells you that it is incorrect. Success is definitely achievable but it takes years of dedication and determination but with those years of work you begin to see positive results that motivate you to keep going and build your business even further.

Success is a process over a period of time, not an event. Many people do not stick with something long enough to achieve that success, yet instead bounce from one opportunity to the next constantly complaining that they aren't successful. Our proven advice is to pick your business carefully, make sure it is something that you will enjoy, and stick with it for the long haul and success will be yours! Financial success with this business take time and work. Some people are happy with a little bit of work and some extra spending money and some people want to reach the top. Set your goals to fit your lifestyle and time and consistently work towards them.

I will put my experience and knowledge of the business to work for you to help you achieve your goals. Plus, when you become a Dealer in our group you will receive a FREE website, very similar to this website. It took us tens of thousands of dollars and many years to perfect this website and we are offering it to you completely free of charge.

AMSOIL is a company with high integrity and a commitment to excellence. I personally welcome you to the AMSOIL family!

We offer several options to receive information on AMSOIL. We welcome the opportunity to work with your personally as your servicing AMSOIL Dealer. Our AMSOIL Dealer Group is led by a Truck/Automotive Engineer and Lubrication Specialist with extensive industry experience. This exceptional benefit is unavailable elsewhere.

AMSOIL is the undisputed leader in synthetics.............